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we are live in vallejo where police are now investigating a scandal that rocked a private high school. we will tell you new details about sexual hazing incidents. and "meet the press" at the super bowl, plus president barack obama heads to the gambling capital and why congress will be watching the president's trip to vegas. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, welcome to tuesday january 29th, i am dave clark. >> steve said it was going to get cold, what about today? >> it was brutal, but it was nice. it was soft here. >> yes, we are soft. >> we do have some high clouds over us and we are clear, still partly cloudy skies, we have
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produced a few snow showers up in the sierra and reno nevada, here is sal. 880 north and southbound is moving along well, driving through no major problems here and no problems to oakland. also the san mateo bridge is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. topping the news an 8-year- old girl is the latest incident victim of the growing street violence. alex savage tells us the police chief will discuss the city's crime problems in a news conference and we will check in with all leg right now. alex? >> reporter: yes, the chief will be talking about several disturbing crimes here recently including the shooting that left an 8-year-old girl wounded and her family very scared. thankfully the girl will make a full recovery. she suffered a gunshot wound to
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the leg. the girl was playing outside a relative's house when the gunman opened fire. she was the only innocent victim and it happened right near 65th avenue. police at this point are not saying who the intended target was and they don't have a solid description on the shooters who drove away in the car. we were able to speak with the girl's grandmother who didn't want to show us her face. >> this don't make any sense, you shot an innocent child playing by herself and you saw her, why would you do that? >> reporter: obviously that little girl's family is frustrated but she will making a full recovery and she will be out of the hospital today. this shooting comes a week after two oakland police officers were wounded in the line of duty during two separate calls and both are expected to make a full recoveriment later police chief
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howard jordan will be holding a news conference to talk about those two shootings involving police officers and we will be checking with the police and see how the search is going for the gunman who shot an 8-year- old girl who was wounded and is expected to survive. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning disturbing details about the oakland police officer who was shot during a stake out in east oakland. court documents reveal the officer struggled for control of his gun before -- with three men before they shot him. the gunman apparently did not believe or possibly did not care he was a police officer and police later arrested two suspects and the third remains on the loose. this morning a hazing scandal at a vallejo high school is now becoming a much larger investigation. ktvu channel 2 morning news'
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tara moriarty is at st. vincent high school with more about why the police are now getting involved and why some may have known about this hazing before it was reported, tara? >> reporter: police say they have only learned about this incident since last thursday and they will be interviewing officials at the high school to get a better idea of what happened and to figure out if anybody else is to blame. they could even decide to push for charges against the five students last week. the allegations involved attacks on six students and friday, marry ellen ryan fired chris five weeks after he reported the allegations to her. he is a former new york police officer who played college football and started as a coach and teacher who started here last august. some freshman football players admitted it to him in the locker room and varsity players had removed their clothing and
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held them as the other players assaulted them. they are asking why an assistant coach who also reportedly knew the allegations and did nothing was not fired as well. the diocese said he changed his mind when he spoke to ryan about it. now we know that the coach's office is inside the locker room and he would have a good view of what happened but the question is, did he leave early, was it during school, after school? these are questions the police will delve in to see if the administration bears any responsibility for what happened. we have put a call in to police and we will let you know what they had to say. live from vallejo, ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. and well to the super bowl, both the 49ers and the ravens are now in new orleans, the big easy, super bowl week officially starts today with media day.
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baltimore ravens arrived and there is their plane as they walked off the plane and in their suits antis, ray -- and ties and ray lewis is right there. thousands of media members will be on the field talking to the 49ers and the ravens and so far the 49ers have been keeping a pretty low profile but some of them did take questions yesterday. >> the explosive offense, the receivers are physical, physical guys, they can stretch up field, down field, joe flacco can make all the throws so it is definitely a challenge for us. >> we will bring you live super bowl media coverage and we will have more on mornings on 2. well the surface of the field ravens will be playing on for super bowl is artificial. it is called field turf and it is designed from a company from ohio. it takes more than a dozen people about three weeks to put it all on the field. it is made out of car tires and
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fibers. after the super bowl, the turf will be donated to an organization which helps inner city kids. ken wayne will have a live report from new orleans for you and ken and the rest of the big 10 will have every newscast leading up to super bowl and down sunday night after the big game, make sure you come right here for a post game show and fans of new orleans. president barack obama will layout his proposal for comprehensive immigration reform. senators unveiled their forum as well and coming up, the key difference to the president's approach to immigration reform and the senator's. hillary rodham clinton is now registered with the federal election commission.
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the women behind the super pack are now ready to run for hillary rodham clinton when she is ready to run. she has almost 50,000 followers and she has denied she is interested in running for president but she is the favored democratic president by far. people have a lot to say about plans to improve in marin county and caltrans wants to demolish the freeway like the one you see right here. the one under the $43 million project will improve safety and reduce congestion and critics say it costs too much money. the meeting will start at the redwood high school in larkspur. -- larkspur. sal, what are you looking at? well, there is not a lot going on right now and we want to keep it's nice and quiet and
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i am afraid it will not stay that way but if you leave the house soon you will have a decent drive. it looks good heading to the mcarthur maze and to the bay bridge toll plaza and this is obviously what a lot of people are interested in. and if you are driving on the 28th 0 freeway northbound and -- 280 freeway northbound getting into the valley, let's go to steve. hold on there sal, let's go to steve. right out of the north, high clouds dropping straight down, we start off mostly cloudy, breezy for some, it is a dry pattern. i am trying, i am really trying but this is one tough one. we do have mostly dry weather taking us to the end of the week. cool mornings are cold, high clouds breezy out of the north, a little bit of snow shower
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activity and come on, there you go, right there, most of it is out of the picture. but if you are headed up in that direction you might encounter a few. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, 30s and 40s on the temperatures and the breeze really is kind of an indicater if you are in the 40s or if you don't have any breeze at all, you will be in the 30s and after that mostly sunny but we start off mostly sunny to cloudy and breezy in some of the higher elevations and upper 50s and lower 60s and we continue that all the way to the south bay and santa clara valley. it does look warmer as we head towards thursday and friday and weekend starts off okay mostly cloudy on sunday. all right, steve, hang in there. getting closer to the conflict in west africa, there is an escalating situation in molly.
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and issues that divide one bay area city and their cell phones. as you head out to the high- rise there is more traffic there but it is not all that bad, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, . time now 5:12, new this morning, two people have been killed, it handed out side the
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capital of somalia. they set off explosives while being questioned about mogadishu. the president was out of the country at the time of the tack. the u.s. has reached an agreement allowing them to be boarded right near the border with molly. all of this shows they were able to retake the city of didn't buck to you a -- tim buck to you. they also burned down a library which contained manuscripts. >> president barack obama will pitch immigration reform in las vegas and there are some key differences unveiled by the
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president as opposed to the senators. >> reporter: pam, they are expected to be much more liberal and made to cut through the red today and the bipartisan senators said they would like for illegal immigrants to obtain residency and they are expected to push security to the side saying it will take too long to implement. in a battle, president barack obama will suggest a more straightforward route for illegal immigrants to become legal. he pushed a similar plan in 2007 and 2010. >> the issue of immigration is not a simple one but i think we have the opportunity to do it right. >> republicans are split on this immigration plan and why some say it sends the wrong message. when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. here in the bay area, undocumented immigrants are excited about the possibility
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of true immigration reform. many immigrants say they hope the current effort lead to a path to citizenship and many are allowing people to legalize their status as it will be better for everyone. >> the country will benefit. >> they testified illegal immigrants make up 7% of the population, the high hest in the -- highest in the country. they are holding public viewings of president barack obama's speech and here throughout the bay area, we will have a public viewing at guadeloupe church and that begins at 7:55 this morning. the young woman accused of the car crash at the twin peeks is due in court. she is expected to find out the date of her preliminary hearing. she is charged with vehicular man slaughter, driving under
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the influence and hit-and-run. she had blood alcohol level way over the legal limit when she ran over and killed a 56-year- old woman. two other people were hurt. police down in southern california are trying to figure out why a doctor was shot and killed outside of a medical exam nation and it happened in newport police. when they arrived they found the man had been shot several times and the man suspected of doing the shooting was still in the room. authorities believe he was a patient. no more extreme antigay organizations and that's according to the group who obtained chick fillet's tax records. they had funding but the extreme antigay groups are no longer listed as ben fish
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areas. -- beneficiaries. palo alto city council is approving a plan to install 40 more antennas in the southern half of palo alto despite objections from residents. they say they need better coverage in that part of town despite the look of it. >> sal, is this a good time to look at the toll plaza? >> i think so. that traffic does look okay and there have been no major problems coming through and it is a nice looking drive getting into san francisco. also looking at the commute a long northbound 101, this traffic moves well and there was a crash on high ward northbound at 82 and there was a hot dog cart which fell off
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the trailer and head to clean it up but now it's on the soldier, let go to steve. it continues to roll down and we have a pretty good breeze for some areas, probably isolated showers on the sierra and it gives us a chilly air mass. 30s and 40s and the breeze holds some temperatures up but the breeze is not 0 far away, like in antioch, napa 36, san jose is now 37 degrees and our clouds will be with us in the morning and the coast is mostly clear, inland mostly cloudy but by this afternoon, most will clear out, clouds breezy and it is a north wind. upper 50s very low 60s today and there is not much of a difference between inland bay and coast. tomorrow we will start a little more of a warmup and again in areas where it dies down it
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might be colder than that. afternoon temperatures in the mid-60s, things start to turn cloudy as we head sunday. most of the major european markets are mixed, about half up, half down and investors appear to be taking some profits marking a two year high. and it's closed with gains and japan's nikkei is up 4% after they approved a new budget that includes slight taxes. south korea is up 8 / 10th of a percent. >> and they include a lower opening across the board, for the nasdaq, dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 and it starts today above that 500 mark and ford is starting better than expected. ben bernanke and his colleagues open a two day policy meeting.
5:22 am
they will discuss key interest rates in the next couple of weeks and many expect the current policy -- current open- ended policy will stay in place. a supreme court justice talks about her journey to the high court. >> yes, i needed help, but once i got there, i worked at it and i proved myself worthy. judge sonia sotomayor, told the bay area audience about her childhood. >> why they say nothing happened with electronic art on the grid iron. ?v
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. welcome back, a woman accused of killing a man by shoving him off a new york city subway platform, she is expected to be charged in a suspected hate crime. she pushed a 46-year-old man from india in front of a train because she mistakenly thought he was a muslim. a judge ruled she is fit to stand trial despite a long history of mental problems. and excessive salaries at companies that received bailout money and according to a report, the company approved pay raises for 18 americans at
5:26 am
an international group general motors and most of them were 100,000 or more. the treasury ignored its own rules limiting pay under bailout rules. supreme court justice judge sonia sotomayor told everybody how she ended up in the high court. she came to talk about her experiences and she is the first latino and third woman on the court and she has written a book not about her legal opinions but about herself. >> being open in this book made me very vulnerable to people's comments. >> she talked about the diabetes she thought would kill her as a child and affirmative action that led to law school. sal is coming back, so far so good this morning, right? >> yes, i hope you are right,
5:27 am
dave, so far so good and i hope it stays that way. no major problems but we have had some troubled spots but they are cleared up rather quickly which is good and there are no major problems on the sunole grade and southbound 880 continues to look good to the fremont area. now let's steve. every reporting station says mostly cloudy, lows all over the place 30s and 40s and san rafael i saw 45 and most locations have a northwest breeze. 41 concord yet fairfield 34, look at san rafael 35 in the city and i saw five observations said 47. a lot of these higher clouds will zip on down from the north and they are mostly sunny but breezy and inland will not be as bad. upper 50s and lower 60s, dave?
5:28 am
sharks, they are red hot starting out in this lock out short ended season and they are starting out undefeated and patrick marlowe leads the nhl with the first nine games of the season. they will be hosting the anaheim ducks tonight at the hp pavilion. super bowl 47 has already been crowned in a virtual world. individual. the ravens will beat the 49ers, now they ran assist ulises -- a simulation and according to the simulation, read intercepts a pass and gives baltimore the title. he has accurately predicted the winner of the last nine super bowls but there is always a first. the week of super bowl
5:29 am
officially starts today and we are live in new orleans and it's media day and we will go live to the big easy and ken wayne is talking to 49ers fans. volunteers will be spreading out into the city looking for homeless people. we will tell you why. plus, taking a another look at california's gun laws. show and tell will be part of a big meeting in sacramento today.
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. well, good morning to you, this is january 29th, already tuesday, pam >> i think so. time now is 5:30, well, let's talk about the weekend then, is it going to rain? how is the weather? >> in here? >> yes, here, more about here. >> no, maybe next week this time. we do have a lot of high clouds over us. that is an honest question, pam, thank you. just a lot of high clouds, breezy conditions half-moon bay, 36 miles per hour out of the north, here is sal. traffic on 237, and crossing 880 traffic is moving nicely and also traffic is moving well on 880 southbound.
5:33 am
let's go back to the desk. an 8-year-old girl has become the latest victim in the growing street violence. they will be talking about the city's crime violence and i know you are in oakland now, what do you know? >> reporter: well we know later today, the police chief will talk about a shooting which left two of his officers wounded and we will be talking about a shooting which left an 8-year-old girl wounded as well and she will survive and is actually expected to be released from the hospital. she suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and it happened while she was playing outside of a relative's house. several gunman drove by and opened fire. it happened right near 65th avenue. they say she was the only child hit, an innocent victim in the driveby shooting. police are not saying who the intended target was here and at this point they don't have a solid description on the
5:34 am
shooters but of course there was an active search for those men. ktvu channel 2 morning news was able to talk to the girl's grandmother and she didn't want to show her face but she said the shooters were heartless. >> it was a child and there is kids going around killing kids, why? you know, i just pray, you know i never thought i would be in this position with my own grandchild. >> reporter: the shooting of that little girl comes two weeks after two police officers were killed in the line of duty. now court documents are revealing that officer struggled for control of his gun before the gunman shot him and he didn't care that he was a police officer. of course the details were very troubling and he will be holding a news conference to talk about the two officer
5:35 am
involved shootings and he will also be talking about the shootings which left the girl wounded and they will continue to search for the gunman. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. the family announced yesterday they are filing a $15 million wrongful death suit. he was killed after police say he charged at them with a knife following a fight with his roommate. now the family claims that the fight was over by the time police arrived and one of the officers fired in panic after reacting to another officer tripping and falling behind him. and at the state capital, they are taking a look at california's gun laws. fire experts will talk about the types of weapons that are legal and illegal under california's law and they will talk about the ban on assault weapons and they will hear
5:36 am
testimony from police, researchers and gun rights groups. now we are finding out more about the crash in foster city police told you about. they have identified the driver as jaun hernandez. he was driving eastbound on highway 92 while he somehow lost control of his car. the car slammed into a guardrail and flipped over several times. hernandez and two brothers ages 16 and 12 died in the crash and a third brother was critically hurt. >> i want to be the strong pillar for my mom and my dad. >> reporter: chp said there is no sign that drugs or alcohol were involved in this crash but police point out this investigation is still in its early stages. volunteers in santa clara counties are prepared to count
5:37 am
the homeless population. janine de la vega is there to talk about the importance of the count and where volunteers will be focusing. jeanine? >> reporter: we are here at the ministry where homeless people who live in shelters are coming here and they are signing up to volunteer and help and from here they will be going into different areas of san jose looking for other homeless people. this is part of the homeless count which takes place every two years. each volunteer will be paired with alone less guide -- a homeless guide where they will find homeless people. local officials are trying to figure out if the number of homeless has grown. they are qualifying for over $10 million in grant money and it will help to assess and plan for more help in the future. there were numerous cleanups in
5:38 am
encampments because residents were complaining and those clean ups stopped because they cost $20,000 a day and officials found they were setting up camp elsewhere. coming up in the newscast, you will hear from one of the homeless volunteers who is going out into the field today and we will hear why he decided to do this today. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 morning news. hour countdown to super bowl 47 continues media day, starts in just a few hours kicking off super bowl week. ken wayne is waiting in a place where super bowl fans have not been hard to find. >> reporter: you can see the big signs out here, super bowl media center and this is the media center of the universe
5:39 am
right now and just a couple of miles away, there is press and all of them will be asking interesting and sometimes goofy questions of the players from both teams. you can see there is a lot of security, bags need to be checked and you must have credentials but hopefully i will have them and we have lots of tables and computers where people from all over the country can filed their stories. it has been a crazy week yesterday, and he is now a street artist in the french quarter. he has been a long time 49ers and if and he saw jim harbaugh come by and he asked for jim harbaugh's autograph. >> he said look behind you and i looked behind me and i was
5:40 am
like bam, come here now and let me get this signature. >> reporter: we also stopped by reverend zombie's voodoo shop and we learned you can buy a doll if you want to put a spell on one of the players and somehow you have to get hair from the player and it involved money and i could not justify that on my expense account. back here four louisiana state troopers are out front and the local news station is parked with its truck out there and media and photographer are filtering here into the convention center and in about an hour they will take us to the superdome and they will talk to some of the players and find out what questions they
5:41 am
will be asking and it should be a very interesting day here in the big easy. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 morning news. ken, thank you, we will check back in with ken at 6:30 and we will have live reports with our newscast leading up to super bowl sunday and after the big game, make sure you come right back here to ktvu and we will have more on the post game and of course the fans of new orleans. we will take a look at traffic, any problems, sal? >> no, nothing right now. hopefully it will stay this quiet. we are looking at pictures just to show you there is a little bit of a backup and the metering lights are okay and traffic on the bridge still looks good. southbound 880 is fine all wait
5:42 am
to hayward and if you are driving northbound 880, there was an accident and it has been cleared. the drive time on the san mateo bridge is about 15 minutes. 5:40 let's go to steve. very good morning, thank you, sal. we will start off with cloudy skies here and almost all observations say that. pretty good breeze, at the lighthouse it says 42 miles per hour and a half moon bay, 42 miles per hour. it will be warmer but we have to deal with a lot of high clouds today. starting off mostly cloudy and 30s and 40s on the temperatures and we will be in the upper 50s and 60s and these clouds skirt out of the air. on the north side, if you are headed up in that direction, there is not a lot of moisture with this system but there is a
5:43 am
lot of cloud cover. it just depends and because of that, they are 50 degrees. 37 in san francisco and mid-to- upper 30s and there is some chilly readings but not bad. that north wind will keep things active on some of the higher elevations so breezy, high clouds in the morning and upper 50s and lower 60s on the high side, temperatures are showing a fine line and it is not too much of a difference inland or on the bayside with temperatures on the coast. the sunny and warmer weather will take us to the end of the week and clouds are increasing on sunday. safety violations are uncovered in that deadly brazillian nightclub bar and why there was no warning. assault charges against a former 49ers, what he is
5:44 am
accused of doing to his ex- boyfriend outside of a restaurant. it looks good headed out to the high-rise and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay with us. one of jack's cereals.
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fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. . good morning, a lot of high clouds streaming down, windy for some, partly cloudy skies today and partly sunny, upper 50s and 60s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. this morning president barack obama flies to las vegas and he will be talking about immigration reform. -- immigration reform, yesterday a group of senators introduced their plan and president barack obama said he
5:47 am
would make immigration reform a priority in his second term. they are looking into allegations of hazing in st. vincent high school. it led to the firing of a coach and expulsion of five students. an 8-year-old girl is wounded after a bullet hit her in the leg after a driveby shooting. she may be leaving the hospital today and in the meantime, the police chief will be talking about the city's growing crime problem during the press conference this morning. we have news to tell you about, there was a fire at an oil storage facility. we have a live picture which is coming in and out and we want to bring it to you live if we can. we have been told two people have been injured and we are getting reports they may have been smoking on top of an oil storage tank before the fire
5:48 am
started and again this is in texas and it's about 70 miles east of dallas. again, an oil storage facility fire, we will bring you more information on that story as soon as we get it. several fire regulations in brazil where more than 200 students were killed. they had no fire alarms, sprinklers or emergency exits. it is believed a fire was started by a band using pyrotechnicians and you are looking at the first of several funerals followed by a march to demand justice and four people are being held for questioning. close to 60 people have died in five days of unrest.
5:49 am
last night demonstrators marched through the city of alexander and blocked the railway line to cairo and blocked the main line into cairo. protesters demanded an overnight curfew in the town of court where they said egyptian president mohamed morsi has demanded mercy. they will be transferred to the -- one goh will be transferred to a county hospital after being accused of killing several people. the judge said he is not competent to stand trial and he will be taken to the mental hospital in napa by february 11th. former san francisco raider and former 49er is accused of
5:50 am
assaulting his ex-boyfriend. it was an end didn't which handed out side of a restaurant in menlo park. according to information, he got mad when he tried to put soy sauce on his rice. he also accused his former boyfriend of stealing his underwear. he pinned him against a window and hit him several times in the face and head. harris has entered a not guilty plea. they are meeting to discuss the new billion dollar home of the 49ers. they hope to learn more about security for the super bowl. two police officers and one former officer will learn all about the security measures southern -- surrounding the biggest sporting event in america. >> it is important to run this in a safe manner and we can't spend enough resources to make sure that, that is true.
5:51 am
>> they have firsthand knowledge of security afr responding to a melee last year. however they know the crowds at 49ers games will be much bigger. now on we have a dedication dedicated to the 49ers and just look for the big easy report on the home page. are you ready to talk about traffic? >> sure. >> sal, you know about san francisco, don't you? >> yes, looking at northbound 101, getting to the 880 split, it's not a big problem getting to the peninsular but if you are driving to the bay bridge, you will see some of those lanes and metering lights go through 6:00 especially if you are using fast track. it is a very nice drive for you. we are talking no major
5:52 am
problems into the south bay. santa clara traffic is looking good from hayward to union city that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. it is a quiet pattern for us this week and it's a dry pattern. no rain is expected here this week and maybe next week at this time, one system wants to break through on our forecast model and i kind of buy into that. it is cloudy to mostly cloudy and we are all on the western edge of this and by the way if you are headed to new orleans, there is some severe weather into oklahoma and texas today and some of that is heading towards new orleans, louisiana over the next few days and you can see wednesday shall right there but if you are traveling into wednesday, tornado
5:53 am
warnings are out in oklahoma so there is an active pattern across the country. maybe it will be an indication. and for us a couple of snow showers and that's about it. 30s and 40s on the temperatures and a half moon bay airport has a northwest wind of 42 and some higher elevations can be blustery not as bad but breezy. northwest upper 50s and very low 60s, just not much of a temperature spread here today. tomorrow if we lose the clouds and breeze it will be another cool morning but sunnyside up, mid-60s as we head to friday, starting off saturday not bad and clouds increase sunday. the ceo is extending his help to boeing. they are talking with the chief
5:54 am
engineer of 787 dream liners and those problems range from fire to battery meltdowns. they say changing the batteries may proof worthy. it is 7% of the entire palo alto based software facility. they will eliminate some facilities and eliminate some of their lines. that announcement looks like the shares on the stock will open down at about 15%. keep an eye on zing go. shares in the san francisco mafia war jumped 14%. they are reporting 4th quarter earnings and apple is getting
5:55 am
ready to release a new ipad twice as big as the last one. i know you like magic and we will have more on the decision of whether the nomes will have to vanish. what they say about the mysterious creatures that have been attached to utility poles. and what is happening in the ocean which is eating up the beaches? stay with us. we will e -- we will explain. q x
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
. good morning, it will be partly sunny skies, partly cloudy up every 50s and 60s. ocean waters are looking like bubble path in australia. this is crazy, sea foam is washing up and they are churned up by a cyclone but it didn't stop people going into the
5:59 am
water. all the nomes attached to the sue tiltty poles and they are saying they can stay. originally they said it compromised the equipment but it upset people because they had embraced the little guys and they are known to be a gift to the community. my twitter account is filled with people who have embraced the nomes. i am aware of the fact that pam has been very active on twitter. >> it is fun. >> we are on twitter by the way, a lot of us are, anyway. let's look at the commute on 280 getting to 880 and that looks good and coming up on the next hour of the news, we will be looking at the sunole grade and that area is getting more crowded headed to the fremont area. let's go back

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Ktvu 10, Us 10, Obama 5, San Francisco 4, New Orleans 4, Oakland 4, Ken Wayne 4, California 3, Dave 2, Sonia Sotomayor 2, Ken 2, Vallejo 2, Pam 2, Steve 2, Ravens 2, Clinton 2, Baltimore 2, Larkspur 2, Texas 2, Cairo 2
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